Biodegradable Eco Heavy Duty Spoons


Biodegradable Eco Heavy Duty Frozen Yogurt Spoon! 1,000 spoons per case.

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Your favorite spoons are now 100% biodegradable. These heavy duty spoons are made with a unique additive that causes plastic to bio-assimilate naturally in marine and terrestrial environments within 12-42 months. Gone through extensive testing, these spoons are proven to reach total biodegradation, leaving zero micro-plastic residue behind.

Heavy Duty

Our heavy duty spoons are well beloved by our customers. They are very popular for frozen yogurt, but also work wonderfully for ice cream, gelato, shave ice, cake, pie, and anything else you can think of. Each spoon is carefully designed to fit comfortably in all hands and withstand even the creamiest, thickest ice cream.

Variety Pack – 1,000 Spoons per case

Specs: Height 5.88″ , capacity 1.5 tsp of liquid

Recyclable, Biodegradable Transforms plastic into a fuel source for microorganisms, leaving behind ZERO microplastics

✔️ ASTM 5526 Certified: Bio-assimilate in landfill environments
✔️ ASTM 6954 Certified: Bio-assimilate in marine and terrestrial environments
✔️ FDA Approved

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 6 in

1000 per case


Variety Pack


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