Slushy + Frozen Beverage – Pasmo Home and Office Frozen Beverage Machine


Frozen Beverage machine designed to work great with Nanci’s Fruit Whip base.  It has a smaller hopper size so you will need to refill it more often throughout the day than other machines.  Each hopper can serve 10 eight oz servings before needing to be refilled.  It takes 45 minutes to freeze new product.

***This item is a machine + supplies bundle that includes enough mix to serve your first hundred customers.***  See details at bottom.

Machine Details:

The Smoothie & Frozen Beverage Machine by Pasmo is a 1 or 2 hopper granita frozen beverage machine.  Good for a small office or break room.  It provides a small drink to show your patients or staff you appreciate them.  You can use it to serve slushies, cold drinks and smoothies.  This is a low capacity machine designed for light use.  Hopper capacity is small which makes it easy to carry.   It has an easy-to-use touch screen.  Each hopper can serve about 10 eight oz cups before needing to be refilled.  Machine takes 45 minutes to freeze when new product is added to the hopper.


FREE!  All items on FroCup ship free within the L48 United States of America.  Your machine will be delivered in a secure crate via LTL common carrier semi truck.


The warranty will be handled by Pasmo. The warranty is 1 year on non-wearable parts (compressors and internal components). Wearable parts such as blades and o-rings should be replaced twice per year and are not covered under warranty. Warranty does not cover labor. Client must notify FroCup in writing within 14 days after delivery if there are any issues with the machine. All sales final.


This unit plugs into a 110v outlet.

Overall Dimensions:

Contact Us for a spec sheet.

Value Bundle:

This bundle includes one (1) Pasmo Frozen Beverage Machine, 2 bags of Nanci’s Fruit Whip base mix powder + 1 half-gallon of fruit flavoring, 1 tube of lube and several packets of sanitizer.  This is enough product for your first hundred free servings.

Payment Terms and Lead Time:

Order is confirmed when payment is received.  Contact us at 1-800-788-0808 for lead time and availability.

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 36 in
Pasmo Frozen Beverage Machine

Dual Flavor, Single Flavor

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