Fusionate 9 Flavor Pressurized Air Pump Soft Serve Machine – Call for Best Price

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***This item is a machine/mix bundle that includes enough FREE frozen yogurt, cups and spoons to serve your first 1,000 customers.***  See details at bottom.

Machine Details:

The cutting edge Fusionate 44RMTFB9 is a new era in soft serve machines. This is the only machine on the market that lets you switch between 9 different flavors in the same machine which saves space and money. It is made by ElectroFreeze – a company that has been manufacturing quality soft-serve equipment in the USA since 1929 and is one of the most respected brands in America. Quality and Reliability – two words that are synonymous with ElectroFreeze. If you want a machine that will always put out a creamy product, this is your machine.  This model is made in the USA and is powerful and consistent. It is among the machine brands least likely to break down and is consistently one of the machines with the most positive user feedback.

This model is different than gravity fed in that it does not drain product in from a hopper above the freezing cylinder.  Pressurized machines like this one actually pump the product with air from a hopper below the freezing cylinder. This allows the operator to set exactly how much air they want mixed with the base product so it is the same texture and consistency every single serving. This model also has the patented gentle-blend auger for an extra smooth finished product. It is available in air or water cooled version, single phase or three phase. The machine is equipped with (1) 3.5 liter freezing cylinder with a 2hp motor as well as (1) 22 liter independent mix hopper in a refrigerated cabinet at the bottom of the machine.

This model utilizes scroll compressor technology for a more efficient energy usage. With the ability to output 40 quarts an hour, this soft-serve machine is ideal for any soft-serve product. It is ideal for any establishment who wants to add many flavors to their menu yet only need space for 1 machine. If you’re looking for a high capacity pressurized machine that won’t have to be replaced in 5 years, this is your machine!

-(1) 3.5 liter independent freezing cylinders

-(1) 22 liter mix hopper

-(1) 2 HP motor

-(1) 6,700 BTU/hr compressor, R-404A refrigerant with scroll technology

-(1) 1,200 BTU/hr compressor, R134a

-Air cooled or water cooled

-Pressurized air pump

-9 Flavor pump system

-Floor standing model

Reliability and Use Rating:

Commercial Grade – Heavy Duty – High Capacity


FREE!  All items on FroCup ship free within the L48 United States of America.  Your machine will be delivered in a secure crate via LTL common carrier semi truck.


All warranty and setup support will be handled by ElectroFreeze directly.  The warranty is 5 years on the compressors/hoppers/body and 1 year on non-wearable parts and labor.  Wearable parts such as blades and o-rings are not covered under warranty.


This unit is available in single phase or three phase and requires a dedicated electrical connection of 208-230V/60Hz/30Amps and comes with 1 cord but no plug. This unit must be hard wired by a qualified electrician.  Installation costs are the sole responsibility of the customer and are not included in this offer. Please consult the Specification Sheet for further installation information.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 24 1/4″
Depth: 33″
Height: 70 1/4″


1,000 Servings Bundle:

This bundle includes one (1) ElectroFreeze Fusionate (44RMTFB9) soft-serve machine, three (3) cases of Nanci’s frozen yogurt base mix powder (1-Chocolate, 1-Vanilla, 1-Mixed Case), one (1) case of FroCup 6oz variety pack swirl cups and one (1) case of heavy duty variety pack spoons.  This is enough product for at least 1000 servings (based on serving size of 5 oz).

Payment Terms and Lead Time:

Order is confirmed when payment is received.  Contact us at 1-800-788-0808 for volume or cash discounts. Third party financing available.  Depending on the quantity of machines ordered, lead time once payment is received may be 2 weeks.

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