Specialty Cups, Bowls and Lids


Banana Split Boat, Sundae Cups, Salad / Acai Bowls with Lid


Clear PET plastic Bowls, Cups and lids for Banana Splits, Sundaes or Acai Bowls and Salads

Banana Boats Contain 125 Boats per case

Sundae Cups Contain 1000 Cups per case

Sundae Lids Contain 500 Lids per case

16 oz Clear Plastic Bowl w/ Lids Contain 252 Bowls and Lids per case


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Banana Boat, Bowl with Lid, Sundae Cup, Sundae Lid


8 oz, 8 – 12 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz


125, 252, 500


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