Slushy + Frozen Beverage Machine – Donper XF124 – Super High Capacity


(item #28300-29124)

Donper’s Frozen Beverage Machine.  Digitally controlled.  Gravity fed.  Air cooled. Value Bundle.  Super High Capacity.

***This item is a machine & mix bundle that includes enough FREE frozen yogurt and more.***  See details at bottom.

Machine Details:

This Donper XF124 is a reliable, easy to clean and operate, frozen drink machine for high volume applications. The XF124 offers superior
performance and technology in a user friendly and easy to operate package. The XF124 has a total capacity of over 5 gallons and includes a refrigerated hopper to give you much faster recovery times and to keep dairy products fresh all day long.

This machine is perfect for bars and busy restaurants.  It has the following features:

-Self-contained air cooled counter top model

-Serves a variety of frozen drinks including margaritas, daiquiris, smoothies, frozen juices, slushes and other frozen cocktails

-Refrigerated hoppers to pre-cool mix for fast recovery/freeze times

-Reliable mechanical consistency control for perfect frozen drinks under any operating condition

-Electronic safety sensors to detect motor and belt issues and alert the user

-Large illuminated backlit signage to attract customers

-Mix low indicator alerts before the machine is empty

-All stainless steel exterior for an attractive and easy to clean unit

-(1) 6.2 liter freezing cylinder

-(1) 18 liter mix hopper

-(1) 1/2 HP Motor

-(1) 3/4 HP main compressor that uses R-404A refrigerant

-Air cooled

Reliability and Use Rating:

Commercial Grade – Heavy Duty – High Capacity


FREE!  All items on FroCup ship free within the L48 United States of America.  Your machine will be delivered in a secure crate via LTL common carrier semi truck.


The warranty will be handled Donper USA.  The warranty is 3 year non-wearable parts only.  Wearable parts such as blades and o-rings are not covered under warranty.

A 1 year labor warranty is available to purchase for $350 extra.  Of course, since this is a new machine, it is guaranteed to work perfectly upon arrival. Client must notify FroCup in writing within 14 days after delivery if there are any issues with the machine. All sales final.


This unit is single phase electrical and requires a dedicated electrical connection of 115V/60HZ/15Amps.  Check with a qualified electrician to make sure your location’s electrical wiring is appropriate.  Electrician costs are the sole responsibility of the customer.  Please consult the Specification Sheet for further installation information.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 15″
Depth: 28.5″
Height: 30″


Value Bundle:

This bundle includes one (1) Donper XF124 soft-serve machine, 2 bags of Nanci’s Fruit Whip base mix powder + 1 half-gallon of fruit flavoring, 1 tube of lube and several packets of sanitizer.  This is enough product for your first hundred free servings.

Payment Terms and Lead Time:

Order is confirmed when payment is received.  Contact us at 1-800-788-0808 for volume or cash discounts. Third party financing available.  Depending on the number of machines, typical lead time once payment is received is approximately 2 weeks.

Weight 190 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 28.5 × 30 in