about us Nanci's Frozen Yogurt ice cream flavorsLearn about us! FroCup.com is brought to you by Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt and Wudel International.  Wudel International d.b.a. Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt is a manufacturer and international wholesaler of soft-serve mixes including Frozen Yogurt, Fruit Freezer Sorbet, Non-Dairy Soft Serve, No Sugar Added mixes, Smoothie base mix, Granita mixes and more than 100 flavors. Based in the western United States, the family owned company has been in business since 1979, when the first line of healthy dessert products entered the market.

Nanci’s is an industry leader in soft-serve product Research & Development. Here are a examples of cutting-edge, industry-leading mixes created by Nanci’s R & D team:

  • First pure fruit sugar sweetened Ice Cream (patented);
  • First fruit sugar Sorbet/Grenada mix;
  • First to include a beneficial probiotic that will stay alive in dry mixes;
  • First Stevia sweetened No Sugar Added frozen yogurt mix;
  • First Vegan Chocolate frozen yogurt mix;
  • First Non-Dairy Stevia sweetened frozen yogurt mix;
  • First Fat-burning Dark Chocolate frozen yogurt mix including nutraceuticals*;
  • First Energy Boosting Vanilla frozen yogurt mix including nutraceuticals;
  • First High Antioxidant non-dairy sorbet mix including nutraceuticals;
  • First Dry smoothie base mix including active probiotics.

Why buy Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt brand?

The Nanci’s brand gives you many unique opportunities for your soft serve and ice cream business to save money, reduce waste, and increase your customer loyalty base with our flavoring system.

  • As a dry powder mix the storage is minimal and frozen storage is not required.
  • You only need to prepare up what you need, reducing spoilage and waste.
  • Our flexible flavor system allows you to use the same base mix to serve Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Strawberry or dozens of other flavors. This reduces the amount of inventory you need to carry, and easily allows you to test out unique, new flavors.
  • Inexpensive cost per ounce (only 6-7 cents per ounce).


Toll Free in U.S.: 800-788-0808
Outside U.S.: 480-834-4290


220 E Germann Rd #106
Gilbert, AZ 85297

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 9:00-4:00
Sunday/Saturday: Closed