Taylor Tune Up Kit C713


Taylor Tune Up Kit C713 (FT-X49463-80) (item #28300-28085)

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Taylor Tune Up Kit C713

These quality non-OEM replacement parts will only fit the specific model and brand of commercial grade soft-serve machine mentioned below.

Product Description
Composed of a high grade, FDA-approved polymers to maximize lifespan and efficiency of wearables.

Product Use
This tune up kit provides you with the wearables (scraper blades not included) needed for one (1) of he indicated machine model. This kit will help the various parts of your equipment function optimally.

How Do I Know When To Replace This Part
Inspect items for any cracking, tearing, or deterioration of material.

Recommended Replacement Schedule
Taylor recommends that you replace these parts every three (3) months or when you notice wear or failure.

Fits The Following Taylor Soft Serve Machine Models
C713 Machine

This kit includes:
Draw Valve O-ring – Qty: 5;
Middle Draw Valve H-seal – Qty: 1,
Drive Shaft Seal – Qty: 2;
Dispenser Door Gasket – Qty: 2;
Star Cap – Qty: 3; Front Bearing Support – Qty: 2;
Feed Tube O-ring – Qty: 8;
Air Orifice O-ring – Qty: 2;
Prime Plug O-ring – Qty: 4

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in