Fruit Whip – Neutral Vegan Soft-Serve Sorbet & Beverage Mix


Fruit Whip: Non-Dairy Soft Serve and Granita Frozen Beverage Mix, 3 lb bag / 10 bags per case (item #28300-98115)


Nanci’s Fruit Whip is an amazingly versatile and delicious fruit base.  This is the only mix you’ll need to make any fruit flavor of soft-serve or granita frozen beverage or slushy.  It is sweet and tangy enough that it can be sold as a self-serve probiotic smoothie out of a granita machine.  It is neutral so be sure to order fruit flavor to go with it.

This is a high quality solution for the widest variety of customers.  Perfect for restaurants or even corporate offices.  Sweetened with natural fruit sugar (pure crystalline fructose) and contains no corn syrup.  Ingredients: Fruit Sugar, Maltodextrin, Non-hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Cellulose Gum, Citric Acid, Guar Gum.  Enriched with Active Probiotic Cultures.  Trans-fat Free.  Gluten Free.  Lactose Free  Vegan.

To Make Soft Serve:  Use 1 gallons (3.8 L) water.  Add 3 oz (85 mL) of fruit flavoring.

To Make Frozen Beverage: Use 2 gallons (7.5 L) water.  Add 6 oz (175 mL) of fruit flavoring.

How is Fruit Whip different than Fruit Freezer Sorbet?  The Fruit Whip is bolder and creamier than the Fruit Freezer.  Unlike the Fruit Freezer, it is enriched with probiotics which makes it a more premium product.  Nanci’s Fruit Whip is the preferred base for all granita frozen beverage applications since it is the most flavorful mix and is designed specifically for frozen beverage machines.  Fruit Whip happens to be excellent in soft-serve machines as well!  You’ll definitely want to try Nanci’s pineapple juice flavor with this base – it’s like being on the pineapple plantation in the islands.

When you get ready to checkout and complete your FroCup purchase of your first case of Fruit Whip, ask for a free sample of Hawaiian Pineapple in the “notes” section of your shopping cart.  We’ll send a bottle of pineapple flavor for you to try free.  Some of our other favorite flavors for Fruit Whip are Boysenberry, Red Raspberry, Mountain Ripe Strawberry and BananaMango.  Let us know yours.  Enjoy!

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 12 in

12.5 Gallons


10 / 3 lb bags


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