Best Way to Sample Nanci’s Froyo Mix by the Bag – For New Clients Only


This item is a sample for new clients only.  Select the quantity of bags and tell us in the section below which variety of base mix you want each bag to be.

View Base Mix Varieties and View Flavor Concentrates

Type in the comment text box below which variety of base mix you want for each bag. View all our recipes for ideas to help you decide what you want to order.

These are 3 lb bags (Stevia Vanilla and Chocolate are 2.7 lbs) of Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt dry base mix for new wholesale clients to sample and test in their machines. Keep in mind, the Neutral Sweet, Fruit Whip and Fruit Freezer bases require additional flavoring sold separately.

Pro Tip:  Most restaurants use a Tart or Sorbet base when making fruit flavors and use a Neutral Sweet or Vanilla base for making non-fruit flavors.

Let us know which base mix you want for each bag you order.

A soft-serve machine is required to try these samples.

*This item is only available to new clients and is not available for re-order.  After trying these samples, the minimum order quantity is 1 case of 10 bags of all the same type of base mix.

Chocolate – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) – #28300-81136

Fruit Freezer Non-dairy Sorbet – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) – #28300-82136

Low-Fat Vanilla – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) – #28300-90136

Neutral Sweet – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) – #28300-83137

Non-Fat Vanilla – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) – #28300-80136

Plain Tart – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) – #28300-96136

Premium Tart – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) #28300-97136

Stevia Chocolate – No Sugar Added – 2.7 lb bag (1.2kg) – #28300-86138

Stevia Vanilla – No Sugar Added – 2.7 lb bag (1.2kg) – #28300-85138

Vegan Double Chocolate – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) #28300-84136

Vegan Non-dairy Fruit Whip – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) – Requires additional fruit flavoring #28300-98115

Vegan Non-dairy Vanilla/Neutral – 3 lb bag (1.3kg) #28300-83136

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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