Front Auger Bearing for Stoelting – 2 Pack


Front Auger Bearing (Bushing Auger Support) for Stoelting Soft Serve Machines (2 Pack) – 149003-F2

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Product Description
Also known as Bushing Auger Support.  This item is composed of a high grade, FDA-approved polymer to help prevent any damage to your freezing cylinder from the rotating auger. Compatible with Stoelting part #149003.

Product Use
The bushing auger support helps ensure proper auger alignment and protects your dispenser door and freezing cylinder.

How Do I Know When To Replace This Part
Inspect bushing auger support for any cracking, tearing, deterioration, or peeling of material.

Recommended Replacement Schedule
Stoelting recommends that you replace this part every six (6) months or when you notice wear or failure.

Fits The Following Stoelting Soft Serve Machine Models
217, 0111, 0231, 0411, 0431, 0431RC, 238R, E111, E131, E131 YG, F131, F131 YG, F144, F231, F431, SF144 I2, SU444 I2, U421, U431 I2, and U444 Machines; Also compatible with Aurel machines (Same part as Aurel bearing part #12133763)

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in